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Aviation Insurance Resources (AIR) shops all of the major aviation insurance markets to provide you with the best available rates. We save customers switching from AVEMCO an average of 70%! We strive to provide the best policy at the best premium in every situation.

Is Your Insurance Policy Below Industry Standards?

We invite you to explore your options in aviation insurance. You don’t have to limit yourself to one direct writer of insurance such as AVEMCO. Broader coverage is available to you today!

The fact is, if your policy is written on a “per person” instead of a “per passenger” basis, you have below the industry standard in coverage! The majority of insurance companies today write their policies on a “per passenger” policy form. Over recent times, aviation insurance policies have favored more “inclusive” language at affordable premiums thanks to increased competition. Insurance companies have had to increase policy benefits at competitive prices-Great news for the aircraft owner!

However, as they say, “Buyer Beware!”. There are still some old fashion insurance companies that feel they can get by with a “per person” policy form banking on the consumer simply looking at the bottom line price. The truth is, superior coverage is readily available at surprisingly competitive premiums!


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