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As fellow aircraft owners, AIR understands your needs and challenges in owning an aircraft. Whether you are transitioning to a twin or buying that tailwheel classic of your dreams, AIR will help guide you through the options/coverages available to protect your investment.

Light Sport Aircraft (LSA)

AIR is fully aware of the importance of the LSA movement and growth to General Aviation. That’s why AIR has embraced LSA’s from the onset and is one of the industry leaders in this growing market.

New student sport pilots and new sport pilots as well as private, commercial and airline transport pilots who wish to fly as a sport pilot can obtain insurance for an LSA from Aviation Insurance Resources.

Whether you need aircraft insurance for an airplane you own or are planning to buy, Aviation Insurance Resources can make sure you have the right insurance at the best price. If you need insurance as a student sport pilot or if you are renting or borrowing an S-LSA or E-LSA, Aviation Insurance Resources will provide the insurance you need.

Owner Flown Turbine Aircraft

Cessna Citations, Beech King Air, Pilatus PC-12, TBM 700/850, Piper PA46 present unique needs to the aircraft owner and insurance agent alike. Ensuring proper liability limits, policy territory, training requirements, War Risk coverage’s are all concerns that need to be reviewed in detail with your insurance agent. Be sure that you are getting the best coverage and all discounts available if you complete specific make/model training beyond the annual requirement.

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